Friday, December 14, 2007

The Birth of "Ebony "

So its been like a month and a half and ALOT has happened in that time, but I have decided to turn my blog into a sort of anecdote forum. I have created a fictitious character Ebony who will be the narrator in my little anecdotes. I hope that they are an enjoyable read for all and I PROMISE to be committed and consistent, my early new years resolution. And on her journey to becoming a writer, her first ever dream, she took the keyboard as her pen and the screen as her paper and she wrote and wrote and wrote until she was done...and then she wrote some more....

I think I had my first real fight with a friend when I was about eight or nine. It was over something really stupid I remember, who got to stand next to whom on the assembly line. I wanted to stand next to my newest best friend Mary, but so did Michelle. We got into some sorta war of words which resulted in neither of us standing next to her - Mrs Trumpet saw to that. Later that day I wanted to have lunch with Mary, but she was with Michelle again, so we fought. I told her that she was making a big mistake dropping me for someone as "unworthy" of her friendship as Michelle and for this reason I would never speak to her again. That was about 16 years ago, and Mary and still have not spoken. Well actually I changed schools the following term so I never saw her again, but I wonder what she would be up to these days. 16 years is a really long time, she must have changed. I know I have, but I guess I'll never know.Why did i just suddenly remember all that, well maybe its cause I'm having yet another fight with a friend, one of many, with many friends in the last 16 years and it making me really mad. See, what happened was Tina and I were supposed to have a ladies night in yesterday, we had been planning it for weeks. It was the first weekend we would both be off work in months and we really needed some "Miss Congeniality" in our lives. So its about 6.30pm, the babe is already running 30mins late, I'm curled up in my pj's attacking the first bowl for Ben and jerry's for the night and watching the deleted scenes, when my mobile rings.
"Hello, Tina? Where are u girl the ice creams already melting!"
"Hey Eb, erm, I'm really sorry I should have called earlier, but erm wont be able to make it tonight"
"What, Tina! What could possibly be more important than our date that we've been planning for weeks!?"
"Erm, its Geoffry, he surprised me by coming into town tonight and well he wants....I'm really sorry Eb, I'll make it up to you I promise.Gotta run, bye!"
And that is how I spent yet another evening alone in my very chic apartment (if I do say so myself) in East London on a Saturday night. Allow me to (finally) introduce myself, I am Ebony Johnson, 25, employed and single!
Geoffry is it? What does she even know about this man? She has been "dating" him for about 3 months now. She met him last summer in Wales and he keeps popping in and out of the city and taking her on these extravagant trips and romantic get aways. I mean Tina always asked for my opinion with everything she did, thats how its been since college. We were roomies and both of us had come from out of town so we knew no one else. We hit it off instantly and have been inseparable for the last 9 years. That was until she met Geoffry. What pisses me off is that she didn't even ask about my opinion of him before she started dating him. I never even met him until last month when he suddenly showed up at her house to whisk her off somewhere one Friday night. I mean its not that I'm jealous or anything, OK maybe a little. I mean OK fine I am very jealous. The lad is not bad looking and he is obviously very comfortable financially and doesn't hesitate to spoil my best friend silly with presents and trips and all sorts of other unnecessary rubbish. I just think its a little fast! I mean he took her to Paris for her birthday 2 months ago, then they had only been dating what three weeks! Isn't that fast? I mean its obviously infatuation right? Oh bother, why has life never dealt me such a lucky hand. She is probably going to get married to this fellow and I will still be single. I don't get it though, I mean, I'm no Tyra, but I would give myself an eight on a ten point scale for beauty. I know I've put on a little lately, but I have a small frame so it doesn't really show. *sigh* Maybe I need a holiday or something. London just doesn't excite me any more. Its funny though, when did we girls go from fighting about candy and best friends to fighting because of guys?

...Bahh its LONG! Sorry guys! Hope u enjoyed the read tho! Comments!


30+ said...

I think there should be an amendment that protect friends / bestfriend against boyfriends. Especially when they show up out of nowhere, not giving you time to adjust and snatching your friend.

Yes friends deserve some settlement preferably in kind, an equally good looking(or better), loaded guy (lol)


Daddy's Girl said...

Hi Ms Timi! Haven't been here in a while, how've you been. I like this new Ebony idea, this was a great post, something all girls can relate to! Nice one, keep it coming!

Favoured Girl said...

Hiya Miss! You've been away for a while. What's up? Hope you're good though? Come back and give us an update. Stay blessed.


Eliza said...

Good post.

Anonymous said...

Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
I've been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

Thumbs up, and keep it going!