Monday, October 22, 2007


I said goodbye to you today.
I tried to make it short and sweet.
But u just kept asking, asking me why.
Why it had to end, why now?
I tried to explain to you, my heart just wasn't in it anymore.
I just needed to be alone for a while, to figure it out.
I would be back when I found myself.
But you pressed and pushed. You wanted to know.
You ALWAYS want to know.
You provoked me.
Started putting words in my mouth.
Started guessing.
ARRRRGGGGHHHHH I hate it when you do that!
Accuse me of not wanting you 'cus there is someone else.
Someone older, riser, smarter, better.
I did not want to hurt you, to say anything that would haunt me.
But you made me.
You made me say everything!
How I felt about everything.
The fact that I give and give and give
And you take and take and take.
Now you had taken all I had to give and left me emotionally drained.
The phone calls were still frequent, but we talked about...
Your presence made me feel even more alone.
Maybe it was the distance.
Maybe it just wasn't meant to be.
But this time I know its over for good.
'Cause you made me say some things, things I did not want to say.
You made me say "goodbye"


rethots said...

Eventually, everyone says goodbye, only in different ways.

AJIKE said...

wow for a moment i thought this was someone i it sounds more like a boy girl relationship than a girl girl friendship if u know what i mean...
And don't worry i am not one of those lunatics who go round peoples blogs speculating if i know them

it just so happens that i lost my best friend just a bout recently and i keep asking what went wrong...nothing major, we just couldn't communicate anymore...

so why am i blabbing on ure blog? nice!!!