Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I've decided to make some changes in my life...well i decided a while ago but I have been too lazy to do anything...haha
So November starts in about an hr and then it will be exactly 61days until the year 2007 is over. At the beginning of this year I knew that I was going to have a break through. I knew that I would not end the year alone, confused, wanting, depressed etc.
I know that this would be my year! But its 61 days left and nothing extraordinary has happened. I have been sitting here and waiting and NOTHING has happened....
And the reason is because I have done Nothing. I have dreams I have aspirations I have all these goals and i just sit and wait for them to sort themselves out...THEY ARENT going to!
So with the last 61 days of this year I will DO! I wont just sit and wait for something extraordinary to happen I will make it happen! With God by my side all things are possible.
So starting tomorrow....for real oh
- I will start my eating right diet. I have to get those extra 15 pounds I put on this summer off!
- I will go to the gym regularly....
- I will read my Bible and pray everyday! I need some divine intervention because doing it myself obviously aint working!
- I will take opportunities and dare to dream and think big!
- I will not feel sorry for myself and mope! I will take action where action is dude.
- I will make a difference! People will notice something different about me in these last 61 days!

haha I am preaching. But on the real...I was sitting on my bed feeling sorry for myself and then I was gonna write a post about being depressed and lonely, but why? My mum always says "Speak those things that arent as if they were" and that is what I am going to do. I will only think positive and I will be happy with whatever comes my way. I shall not question God because He disciplines those He loves. And it is brightest after the darkest our so I am waiting for my surprise from God this year. The one that I know will come.

61 days- I have 61 days to let God let me make a difference!

ps. I promise to keep you updated...

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rethots said...

Oh, how we make 'resolutions' year beginnings only to forget them as the year rolls on....
'tis sure has been a good year (by His grace) but, as you said; I join you in doing something to make the difference I wanted this year.