Sunday, September 9, 2007

Hey Blogville!

I know its been a couple of weeks but with moving and starting up uni again things have been real though. Quick update.
- Things with K are alright. We get along fine now and we talk a lot less...i think its best.
- I'm going to see Beyonce in concert with my girls this week. I am too excited!
- I move into my new apartment this week too. Tres cool!

Thats about it. Life has been pretty routine since I got back to uni. I love being around all my uni friends again. Its so much fun. I have spent the first week back socializing and partying. Next week I have to get to some serious school work.
I will try not be be away so long again.
Love u all!


Daddy's Girl said...

Yayy.. moving is very exciting,especially when you like where you're moving to.... Enjoy the concert with your friends - saw Beyonce in concert once in London, with a friend, back when Destiny's Child was still together. (Although Bey definitely had pride of place, she did like 5 or 6 of her own solo songs, while Kelly did 2 and poor Michelle only got to do one LOL). Had a new respect for them after the concert, I must admit. Their energy never flagged, they always hit the notes - song after song... they worked hard! Have fun!

Mona said...

hey ms. timi

where is the beyonce concert?

never been here before, me likey :o)

check out

lol the milklady always delivers ;o)

Anonymous said...

wish i could see beyonce with you... i just saw natasha bedingfield in concert the other day... great fun i must say... i had the BEST time ever. happy october dear