Thursday, August 16, 2007

Her "Fairytale"

Her sing song voice is but an act,
She does not walk on heavenly clouds.
Her smile is just a frown turned upside down,
So the world cant see whats happening inside.
Her laugh is well rehearsed, though it sounds so real
It does not portray the way she really feels.
She talks a lot, but says very little.
If you listen closely you'll see what I mean.
She has many "friends", but very few know her
For she finds it hard to open up, and let people love her.
The first time she was hurt, she was only 9 years old,
And it was by a friend, a friend she treasured more than gold.

Sometimes she hurts others, and her conscience does not step in
That's 'cause it has been conditioned to react to the pain within.
Sometimes she lets her guard down, and tries to live a normal life
To be happy, to laugh, to turn her frown into a smile.
But it never lasts, but a brief moment,
'Cause life keeps coming at her, hard!
When she cant take it anymore, she cries,
These tears that linger cause the sparkle in her eyes.
Her life is not a fairytale, but no one will ever know,
'Cause this act is so well rehearsed, that...
She don't know who she is no more.

I went to dinner with mah dearest friend Leila(not her real name) last nite and she gave me the cutest little teddy bear that says 'friends forever" on it. It was the first alone time we have had all summer and I have to say I miss her...
We met up with some friends after and saw Rush Hour was too funny! I'm definitely gonna see it again, and rent it on video when it comes out.

I talked to one of my "big brothers" AJ last night, told him about K he said that I should forget the lad that there is probably another girl. *sigh* Easier said than done.
I thank all my friends tho cus if I hadn't hung out with them all day I would have had loads of time to think about K. As it was by the time I got home I was so tired I just went straight to bed. Thank God for little miracles.

I have a long weekend at work YAY! So I just have to survive a few more hours at work and then I can take a break till Monday. I'm heading to my school town this weekend to find an apartment wish me luck! Happy weekend all!


Daddy's Girl said...

Happy weekend to you too! Sad poem, but very well-written, hope 'she' finds herself and learns to trust again... easier said than done, I know...

It's good to have 'big brothers' to tell you the truth about their fellow guys o - sounds like AJ knows what he's talking about. It's good that you have friends and other stuff to help keep your mind off K. You will definitely be ok - better than ok. Take care.

Ms-timi said...

Thanks DG! Its nice to know that someone believes in me :D

Ubong Da said...

1st time here. hmm interesting

Daddy's Girl said...

hey ms timi.. just to let you know the story on my blog is finally finished...

30+ said...

Ms Timi - Yes lot of guys do that blowing hot and cold. Y'll be alright