Monday, August 20, 2007

Happy New Week!

Happy new week all! Thanks for all the comments and advice on my blog. I really am starting to feel like you all are members of my family. The weekend was alright...I FOUND AN APARTMENT! yay! So I am no longer homeless! I had to fight my parents small sha...but perseverance always wins, I love my new place and I cant wait to move in! It's my last week at work too. Yay! The summer is almost over, double yay! Yea I Know I am weird, but like I said before my brain is in serious need of stimulation.

*Update on the K issue*
I called him AGAIN this weekend and we talked quite a bit. He kept changing his story. Now he says that he never said that we were never gonna happen that he just wants us to slow down and think about the consequences and yadi yada..I pointed out that those were not the words he used before sha. He accepted and I think I can now let it sleep. The convo ended on a light and happy note, so at least we are cool. It still hurts all the stuff he said and I am not even sure I want to date him any more. But I could not just let it all go without finding out exactly why he was willing to just give up on us like that. He says that he hasn't that he still cares and he still has "us" at the back of his mind, that with time God will take us where we need to be. I accept that. So I have cooled down. I am not saying that I believe it, but I accept it. LOL at idemmili's comment on AIVY's blog about everyone having a partner called K...funny but so true!

I don't even have that much time to think about it 'cause I have to start getting myself ready to return to school and move into my apartment. I am so excited for furniture shopping. IKEA is like my favourite place on the planet. I have been planning my first apartment since I was like 10 and thanks to IKEA it is all about to come a reality. YAY!

I am so excited that Daddy's Girl finally finished her story. If you haven't already, check it out here...its AMAZING! Good job girl!


AIVY said...

yeah funny most bloggers have partners by the name K. One thing for sure they're not the same
I can imagine how excited you are about your apartment, i will be in your shoes in a month's time, i have to get an apartment and furnish it too.

Daddy's Girl said...

I agree... IKEA rocks, it's like a homeware Disneyland or something... so much good stuff at great prices. Thanks for the shout-out girl.