Friday, August 10, 2007

Flavored Emotions

So I was sitting at work yesterday bored as usual and I wrote this....

Flavored Emotions
Vanilla thoughts with some chocolate Chips,
Spicy feelings and a cold iced tea,
Strawberry loving on cocoa covered biscuits,
Mint Cherry pie, hmm the craving.
Lollipop smiles, with just enough sugar,
Grilled potato chips, salt none the lesser.
Marinated chicken, so much closer to my heart,
A dash of this, a pinch of that,
These are the flavors of my life.

You know your on a diet when...haha.
I know its kinda weird, but I think it cute! Thinking about my feelings in the context of food. It wasn't hard for me to do cus anyone that knows me will tell you straight up, I LOVE FOOD! That is why everyone is just laughing at me about this diet thingy.

Yesterday was a really good day. I left work a little early and hit the downtown mall and men was I glad I did! Its not very often you leave the mall smiling but I was beaming when I left! So many good deals just bit me on the bum. Like I'm talking the kinda deals you find out about at the till when you have already resolved to paying the ticketed price. I was elated. I got the cutest outfit. I have nowhere to wear it to yet, but when an occasion comes up...I AM SET! haha
This weekend is looking good. My aunt and cousins are coming to visit for a couple of weeks and I AM GOING TO SEE NE-YO! I haven't been to a concert in a minute so I am tres excited. My girls just bought me the ticket and were like you're going, So I will go...cannot argue. Should be loads of fun.

Well that's if for today. I am really happy so I don't want to blog about anything emotional and put myself in a mood for the rest of the day. But something will happen to piss me off this weekend I can almost guarantee! hehe
Have a good weekend all and thanks for making me feel so welcome here!

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Anonymous said...

and you only read blogs but didnt start one for a year becauseee????????

babe i love the way you write.. goodluck with the diet thing... i believe in you.. and yes mami rock that outfit like nobodys business when you can... lol which is exactly what i plan to do tonight you have no idea... going to this black and white party... why do i have just the perfect outfit you have no idea... lol. dang i havent been shopping in a longwhile.. but i bought so much clothes in weeks and months past that i've forgotten a lot of my clothes...

Anonymous said...

me i sha thought there was an update oh... abeg hurry up and update this thing kia kia...

confused naija girl said...

i love what you wrote babe
dont tempt me i am on a diet!!!

2ndCorin5:17 said...


Ms-timi said...

@Overwhelemed - I have updated oh! Come see...

@CNG - I have already tempted myself...I cant even tell you what i have indulged in this past week.

@2ndCorin5:17 - Thanks girl!